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Elio - 4 key 'Must Haves'


The Elio is a revolutionary new approach in transportation engineered to achieve 4 key "Must Haves":

  • 84 MPG Highway (gas powered 3 cyl.)
  • American Made (utilizing 90% North American content)
  • Engineered to the highest safety standards
  • $6,800* (starting price)

And yes, it’s the real deal. Many call it the next big thing in transportation, or simply ingenious.

It needed to be reliable and fun to drive.

  • Top speed over 100 mph
  • 0 to 60 speed in under 9.6 seconds
  • 3 year/36,000 miles warranty
  • Safety Management System includes three airbags, a reinforced roll-cage frame and Anti-Lock Braking System
'All-In' Reservation

Make an “All In” reservation and receive:

  • A 25% bonus of your reservation amount up to $250** off the final purchase price.
  • An official place in line as one of 34,000+ reservation holders for as little as $100.
  • A limited edition Elio Genuine T-shirt and bumper sticker
Say hello to 84 mpg, American made, for only $6,800*!

84 MPG Highway: A Whole New Driving Experience

The engineering behind 84 MPG

8- gallon tank engineered to achieve

The engineering behind 84 MPG

Light and lean (approx. 1200 pounds)

The engineering behind 84 MPG

Half as wide as a 4-wheel vehicle

Sleek Styling: Designed to Go the Distance

The engineering behind 84 MPG

Aerodynamic lines and open-wheeled stance

The engineering behind 84 MPG

Standard features: A/C, heat, AM/FM stereo, power windows, power door lock, three air bags, auxiliary port, ABS and traction control

The engineering behind 84 MPG

Seats two (in tandem)

American Made: A Profound Effect on our Economy

  • Manufacturing facility is former GM plant in Shreveport, LA
  • 90% North American content
  • 1,500 US jobs will be created.
  • Reducing US dependency on foreign oil
The engineering behind 84 MPG

More than 34,000 reservations
to date and counting

Make your reservation by Friday, October 31, 2014 and receive
this limited edition Elio Genuine T-shirt.

Limited edition Elio Genuine T-shirt

* Starting MSRP excludes options, destination/delivery charge, taxes, title and registration.

** $250 additional savings based on $1,000 non-refundable reservation, $125 additional savings based on $500 non-refundable reservation, $65 additional savings based on $250 nonrefundable reservation and $25 additional savings based on a $100 non-refundable reservation. For more information, go to http://www.eliomotors.com/all-in-bonus-program